Newborn Photographer Dover NH

Newborn Session - Braden

Oh sweet little Braden!

Braden came into my studio around 7 days old, with Christmas just a week away! He was my third newborn in my new space! While I have never met this little guys parens before, I know his family very well. They are very dear to my heart so when I was asked to do the newborn session, of course I said yes.


The studio is equipped with a changing table, a comfy couch, and a full stocked fridge with snacks. YES, A FRIDGE FOR YOU TO ENJOY WITH SNACKS! When you book with Skye Lynn Photography, you are getting the full experience. The leisure of comfy pants, neutral shirts (or shirtless for the boys!), so there’s not a whole lot of wardrobe worrying going on, a DVD to bring you favorite movie in (this is mostly for children but i’m not opposed to adults using it!), plenty of outlets to charge your phone if needed - I have an apple charger in studio for your convenience, wipes and diapers in case you forget yours, and lots of hand sanitizer! I have a wonderful studio filled with items to help make your experience as amazing as possible. Mom and Dad were in the studio for maybe 5 minutes, when I suggested dad go get her some Pizza from La Festa down the street. Thats how amazing this new studio space is!

He was such a good baby during his session, here are some of my favorites. Scroll down to the very bottom and he will show you how he REALLY felt about me. (Parents gave me the okay to post!)