Baby Gage|Newborn Photography|Farmington, NH

Sweet baby Gage was about 6 weeks old when he came to visit me for his sessions. I have had a lot of clients come from Rochester, Dover, Portsmouth NH and some as far as York and Wells Maine for me to photograph their precious newborns. Nope, not this time; I was literally a hop, skip, and a jump for them to travel!



I loved this family. Mom was so sweet and helpful and dad was full of witty remarks. I believe there was even a point in the session that mom said, “You’re lucky she’s holding the baby or she would probably smack you right now”. The she referring me to ;)  While I would never smack someone, this batter and wittiness had us laughing all throughout our session.


Gage was born 5 weeks early and had spent some time in the NICU. Sweet baby G was my first preemie, but he was a whole 9 plus pounds when he came to my studio!!  He was by far one of my most talkative babies, babbling and cooing at me while I posed him.


Mom had requested some specific images and poses and they sure don’t disappoint.


When the session finished, dad was nowhere to be seen. He ran upstairs looking for my pups J One thing I will for sure miss with the new studio space is having a little bit of time at the end of the sessions where the pups are let loose and we (we meaning me, my spouse, and daughter) all get to chat with our guests for short time before they leave. {it also gives the car time to warm up!)



I loved this session so much and I love that I am chosen to create these images for my clients!