Tips for Taking Your Own Photos

Fall season is among us and that means fall photos are in full swing. Maybe you are hiring a photographer this year because it simply makes your life easier. Or you could be taking your own photos this year and could use some tips on how to make your DIY session better. I have been taking my own families pictures for years now and want to share some of my tips with you. 

1. Bring a tripod and a remote. Hooking your camera up the the remote allows you to pose your family and yourself and then simply click the button when you are ready. 

2. Scout out your location a few days before your DIY session.  I always check for flat surfaces first because this is where the tripod will go. Next i check to see where the light comes from and where I will pose my family based on the sun. I also check to see how busy it is on different days to see when the best day with the least distractions will be. 

3. Write down/take pictures of a list of poses. You will want this for when it's "go" time and you have a brain fart and forget what poses to do. 

4. Prep your family. Get everyone's hair cut, buy coordinating clothes, make sure fingers are freshly painted/clean, BRIBE THEM. Bribery has been most successful in me taking my own family pictures for years. 

5. Take your family photos 1 - 2 hours before sunset. Taking pictures at noon, while ideal for young children doesn't create a flattering light. 

6. Don't expect everyone to look at the camera. Small children don't always have the attention spans to continuously look at the camera and smile. I aim for 1 good shot of each pose and take what I can get most times. 

And seven! This step is the most important out of all of them. Get everything set up including the blanket, remote, tripod, and camera before your family comes out. Sometimes with small children, they are so excited about the setup but shortly lose interest and then could care less about the camera. 

Good luck on your DIY session! Comment below if you have or are planning on taking your family's photos this fall 2017!