10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

10 things you didn’t know about your photographer:


1.       I shoot with a canon 6D and typically a 50 1.8mm lens. I have other lenses and another spare body, but these are my go-tos for everything.

2.       I have a creepy posing baby that I guarantee will show you if we have a newborn session together. I use this baby to practice on so I don’t practice new poses on your baby, your babies safety is my # 1 priority. She doesn’t have a name quite yet and I am always open to suggestions!

3.       I am a mom to a little girl and two fur babies; a German Shepherd and a Jack Russell Terrier.

4.       I have a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. I took me 7 long years to get that degree. I first started with my associates while working two jobs and finally graduated in 2016 with my associates. It took me about a year to graduate in 2017 with my bachelors.

5.       I work full time in addition to Skye Lynn Photography in the accounting world. I have learned I am one of those people who like to be busy. I don’t want to be that way, but my schedule always seems to be packed full of goodies. I dream of pj days on the couch binge watching Netflix.

6.       All members of my family have the same initials. Yep, started with my fiancé and I, then we added a dog, then my daughter was born, and lastly we added another pup to the family. I had to have every one blend, it was just easy ;)

7.       I hate spicy food. Really I hate any food I’ve never tried before. It takes a lot of strength to try a new food and even more to actually like it. The only time I tried new foods was when I was pregnant. I loved everything, which was short lived.

8.       I prefer black and white photographs over color. To me, black and white portrays the raw emotion in an image as opposed to color. My clients prefer color, but know that every picture I turn to black and white just to see how it looks!

9.       I have no depth perception. I was born with a lazy eye, had surgery to fix it and then had surgery to re-fix it three times in 2017. It was still a bit off, but you probably won’t notice it. You should see me pump gas, it is unbelievably hilarious sometimes!

10.   I absolutely love your babies. I started photography in 2013 for about 5 months and then stopped until September 2015. The only thing I wanted to photograph was children. I tried photographing so many newborns and just felt so defeated I gave up. In 2015, I gave it another go and never would have imagined I would be a newborn and family photographer. I love your pictures just as much as you do and I get just as excited as you do for the session. Moms, while you don’t see it (sometimes you do J) I tear up just as much as you do when you see your spouse holding your baby for their first professional picture together.

If you’ve had a session with me, particularly a newborn session with me and we’ve spent a few hours together you probably knew most of this ;) From the moment you inquire about a session until long after our session is over and the images are delivered, I consider you not a customer or client; but a friend. I am not a big box company; I don’t think you’re just a dollar sign. I am a real live person whose only goal is to create gorgeous images for you to hang up in your home and create memories and moments in time that you can look back on as your little ones grow.


Strafford County Newborn Photographer

Seacoast and Lakes Region Newborn Photographer