Newborn Session - Braden

Oh sweet little Braden!

Braden came into my studio around 7 days old, with Christmas just a week away! He was my third newborn in my new space! While I have never met this little guys parens before, I know his family very well. They are very dear to my heart so when I was asked to do the newborn session, of course I said yes.


The studio is equipped with a changing table, a comfy couch, and a full stocked fridge with snacks. YES, A FRIDGE FOR YOU TO ENJOY WITH SNACKS! When you book with Skye Lynn Photography, you are getting the full experience. The leisure of comfy pants, neutral shirts (or shirtless for the boys!), so there’s not a whole lot of wardrobe worrying going on, a DVD to bring you favorite movie in (this is mostly for children but i’m not opposed to adults using it!), plenty of outlets to charge your phone if needed - I have an apple charger in studio for your convenience, wipes and diapers in case you forget yours, and lots of hand sanitizer! I have a wonderful studio filled with items to help make your experience as amazing as possible. Mom and Dad were in the studio for maybe 5 minutes, when I suggested dad go get her some Pizza from La Festa down the street. Thats how amazing this new studio space is!

He was such a good baby during his session, here are some of my favorites. Scroll down to the very bottom and he will show you how he REALLY felt about me. (Parents gave me the okay to post!)

Heartwood Beginnings - NH Doula

I recently met Melissa to create a business relationship with so that we both had more resources to provide to our clients. She was a joy and our 30 minute meeting quickly turned into over an hour and a half, haha! I want to take some time and introduce her to you. She sure is passionate about what she does and is a great resource for any expecting family. 

Hi Melissa! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm a mother of two little girls. We live in Strafford county. My family enjoys the outdoors. Camping and fishing are our favorites! We love the Red Sox and Patriots!

How long have you been a doula?

Spring of 2017


What exactly does a doula do?

A doula is a person that is trained to assist women during childbirth and who may provide support to the family after the baby is born.

Why is having a doula important?

Doula support is very unique in comparison to a doctor, midwife, or nurse. I will offer continuous support throughout labor, delivery, and up to two hours post partum.

What towns do you provide care for?

I will travel up to 1.5hrs in either direction from my home in Middleton, NH. These towns include Dover, Rochester, Portsmouth, Alton, all areas of the Seacoast and most of NH. 

Why did you become a doula?

I believe in promoting empowering births. I want to help bring heightened consciousness to the birthing process. I strive to help mothers learn to trust their bodies and to go within for answers. I enjoy helping women consciously choose what's best for them based on their unique values because there are options.

I have a specific birth plan, is that okay?

Of course, it's encouraged!!

When should I initially contact you?

If you're exploring the idea of having a doula at your birth, start reaching out to schedule interviews around 20 weeks.

What services do you provide during my birth?

Just some comfort measures I provide include counter pressure, massage, heat and cold therapy, position changes, emotional support, breathing techniques and imagery, breastfeeding support, and involvement guidance for partner and other family members.

Are you there after I give birth?

I stay at the hospital for roughly 2 hours after you give birth unless directed otherwise.

Do you offer post birth care?

I will be available to you and your family for the first two weeks after you give birth.

Do you provide any other services?

I'm also a Certified Lactation Counselor if you're interested in breastfeeding.

Do we meet before I give birth?

Yes. We will meet for an interview around 25 weeks to make sure we vibe well. If we decide we want to embark on this journey together, we will meet back up around 30 weeks. This will be the first official prenatal visit. In this visit we will go over expectaions, family history, and any questions you may have for me. This tends to last around an hour or two.

We will meet again around 35 weeks to explore your birth plan together. I can show you labor progession techniques so you know what to expect and we will just chat about all there is to know about your birth plan and how I can help. Once I'm hired, I will be available via phone and email for any questions, concerns, and updates. I'm on call for your birth at 38 weeks and make every effort to make all preterm births. 

Want to get in touch with Melissa about her doula services? Find her on Facebook and send her a message or click here!

Want to get in touch with Melissa about her doula services? Find her on Facebook and send her a message or click here!

General FAQ|Family & Newborn Photographer|Seacoast, NH

Where are you located?

I have commercial studio in Dover, NH!

What communities do you serve?

I have photographed families from Farmington, Dover, Rochester, Somersworth, York Maine, Wells Maine, Alton, Milton, Greenland, Portsmouth, and even as far as Waterboro Maine! Mainly I photograph families that live in the seacoast of NH and Maine.

How would you describe your style?

I would call my style simple and neutral. I love neutral colors! The studio is filled with cream, ivory, gray, and brown. I love focusing on just baby without my colors being bold and competing with those cute faces. All my sessions have a simple feel to them; they are not over the top with props.

Do you use a flash?

I photograph with a strobe in studio. I own an alienbee400 with a very large parabolic umbrella. This allows me to create soft flattering light that you see in my images. The flash is completely safe on baby's eyes if baby is awake. 

How long will it take to receive my images?

Typical total turnaround time is 3 weeks for images. You receive images via a download link in your email.

Where should I print my images?

I recommend an excellent online-based consumer lab that offers professional-quality prints. Simply upload your files and they mail the prints straight to your home!  I do not recommend printing through
Walmart, Costco, Walgreens, CVS, or Shutter fly as these companies don’t product professional quality prints.

 Where does the session take place? Do you have a studio?

Family and maternity photography sessions take place on location. I have a few favorite spots, but am always open to your favorites as well! Newborn and milestone sessions take place in my studio.

Can my toddler/child come to the newborn session?

ABSOLUTELY! Siblings are more than welcome to stay in the studio during the session. I have a DVD player with some movies, but feel free to bring things to keep them occupied during the session! Sessions can be 2-3 hours long and it gets a bit warm in there so have them dress comfortably! There is Dover Children’s Museum and lots of delicious restaurants around to grab lunch too!

What happens if our on location session rains out?

I keep a few dates in the month as a backup date in case of rain or undesirable weather. Rescheduling because of weather is acceptable and there is no fee charged for rescheduling due to rain.

What if my baby is fussy?

Don’t stress! I am well trained in babies! I expect a baby to be fussy at some point during a session. The new environment, a new lady in their face, new senses, it can be overwhelming for a little one. Plus, fussy babies are cute too! 

I saw a cute picture on Pinterest? Can we do that?

I love Pinterest! Pinterest is best used an inspiration, rather than a strict guideline for your photographer. If we’re focused on recreating someone else’s photos, that will leave us less time to create images that showcase the unique aspects of your family.

Look at Pinterest to find a style of photos that you like and then search for a photographer whose images match that style. Please refer to examples of my work either here or here to make sure my style is a match of what you are looking for.

What can I do to help the session go smoothly?

For each session, I send out a prep guide to help make our time together go smoothly. Your job is to relax and have fun! During family sessions we run, we play games, and we laugh. I always tell my dad’s to be prepared for a little physical activity (tag anyone?) Expect lots of snuggles and soaking up precious memories. I am here to guide you and make sure you have a great session with gorgeous images!

Can I keep the images from my session private?

I respect the decision to keep your images private. There is an optional model release as part of the contracts sent to you upon booking your session. If you choose to keep them private then you don’t sign the model release and I keep your images private.

What does a session cost?

Please refer to my investment page for details on my packages. Follow this link to be directed there.

I only need a few images. Do you offer mini-sessions?

I offer a few mini sessions throughout the year.  I typically offer a spring session and a holiday session. Be sure to add yourself to my private Facebook page to see current promotions, model calls, and mini sessions! Follow this link  to be forwarded to the group!


Baby Gage|Newborn Photography|Farmington, NH

Sweet baby Gage was about 6 weeks old when he came to visit me for his sessions. I have had a lot of clients come from Rochester, Dover, Portsmouth NH and some as far as York and Wells Maine for me to photograph their precious newborns. Nope, not this time; I was literally a hop, skip, and a jump for them to travel!



I loved this family. Mom was so sweet and helpful and dad was full of witty remarks. I believe there was even a point in the session that mom said, “You’re lucky she’s holding the baby or she would probably smack you right now”. The she referring me to ;)  While I would never smack someone, this batter and wittiness had us laughing all throughout our session.


Gage was born 5 weeks early and had spent some time in the NICU. Sweet baby G was my first preemie, but he was a whole 9 plus pounds when he came to my studio!!  He was by far one of my most talkative babies, babbling and cooing at me while I posed him.


Mom had requested some specific images and poses and they sure don’t disappoint.


When the session finished, dad was nowhere to be seen. He ran upstairs looking for my pups J One thing I will for sure miss with the new studio space is having a little bit of time at the end of the sessions where the pups are let loose and we (we meaning me, my spouse, and daughter) all get to chat with our guests for short time before they leave. {it also gives the car time to warm up!)



I loved this session so much and I love that I am chosen to create these images for my clients!


Tips for Taking Your Own Photos

Fall season is among us and that means fall photos are in full swing. Maybe you are hiring a photographer this year because it simply makes your life easier. Or you could be taking your own photos this year and could use some tips on how to make your DIY session better. I have been taking my own families pictures for years now and want to share some of my tips with you. 

1. Bring a tripod and a remote. Hooking your camera up the the remote allows you to pose your family and yourself and then simply click the button when you are ready. 

2. Scout out your location a few days before your DIY session.  I always check for flat surfaces first because this is where the tripod will go. Next i check to see where the light comes from and where I will pose my family based on the sun. I also check to see how busy it is on different days to see when the best day with the least distractions will be. 

3. Write down/take pictures of a list of poses. You will want this for when it's "go" time and you have a brain fart and forget what poses to do. 

4. Prep your family. Get everyone's hair cut, buy coordinating clothes, make sure fingers are freshly painted/clean, BRIBE THEM. Bribery has been most successful in me taking my own family pictures for years. 

5. Take your family photos 1 - 2 hours before sunset. Taking pictures at noon, while ideal for young children doesn't create a flattering light. 

6. Don't expect everyone to look at the camera. Small children don't always have the attention spans to continuously look at the camera and smile. I aim for 1 good shot of each pose and take what I can get most times. 

And seven! This step is the most important out of all of them. Get everything set up including the blanket, remote, tripod, and camera before your family comes out. Sometimes with small children, they are so excited about the setup but shortly lose interest and then could care less about the camera. 

Good luck on your DIY session! Comment below if you have or are planning on taking your family's photos this fall 2017!